The Rise and Rise of apps- Mobile App trends

During the early years, apps were promoted as mono purpose device transformers. Converting phones into say a calculator, a messenger or a map! Gradually or rather exponentially the apps evolved to serve more wants. By 2015, the ‘home screen domination era’ was coming to an end, now it was time for subtlety. Apps were becoming more contextually aware. The focus was on usefulness rather than on cramming extra features. Taking contextual signals like location, hardware sensors, usage history and predictive analytics, apps were focusing more on giving a tailor-made experience. In today’s time product development has become deeply integrated with analytics. Every interaction tells a story, every movement monitored. We at Affle are proud to have witnessed this journey from the very start, pioneering the App revolution in India and Singapore.

The App market continues to grow at a furious pace. After generating a revenue of $88 billion in 2016, it’s expected to reach $189 billion by 2020. The market as we know it is a duopoly, with Android and iOS being way above the rest. The Play Store leads the charge with 2.8 million apps, while App store is second with 2.2 million.